Tyler Savage has been fascinated with stage hypnosis ever since being hypnotized himself on a cruise ship several years ago. Since that time, Tyler has studied and learned the craft from one of the most successful and decorated stage hypnotists of our time.
Tyler’s show is completely interactive, fast paced, tons of fun and safe for everyone.  Volunteers are treated with respect and no one will regret volunteering.
The Tyler Savage Comedy Hypnosis Show is great for high schools, colleges, team building, fairs/festivals, corporate meetings and conventions.


Yes, hypnosis is 110% safe.  No one has ever gotten hurt.  No one has ever gotten sick or injured while under hypnosis.
Hypnosis can work on just about anyone.  All one has to do is focus on my voice, shut out any distractions and let it happen.
Absolutely NOT.  It’s impossible to stay in a hypnotic trance for longer than 10 minutes, unless I continually give you suggestions to do so.
The volunteers will have an experience of a lifetime.  It’s extreme virtual reality.  They can see things that don’t exist or things can disappear but can still be right in front of them.  It’s a WILD RIDE and I’m the conductor!  It will provide memories for a lifetime for the volunteers and audience alike!!

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